Lightweight Backpacking Philosophy


The “Lightweight Backpacking Philosophy” most commonly mentioned emphasizes a never-ending commitment to

  1. scrutinize packing habits in order to fine-tune minimum packing needs and
  2. aggressively seek out the smallest, lightest-weight, highest-quality gear available to satisfy those needs.

The Lightweight Backpacking Philosophy we embrace at Lightweight Backpacking 101 expands on that, and emphasizes the following:

  • Scrutinize gear, clothing, and food selection to fine-tune minimum packing needs.
  • Aggressively seek out smaller volume, lighter-weight, high-quality/high-performance gear and clothing.
  • Seek clothing and gear that can serve multiple purposes (multiple gear use).
  • Educate yourself on backcountry travel and safety, being well prepared for changing weather, wildlife encounters and whatever else may happen.
  • Use lightweight techniques to keep travel through the backcountry low-impact on both yourself and your environment.
  • Use products that provide the level of comfort you desire, even if they aren’t the absolute lightest available.

At Lightweight Backpacking 101 you will find information about lightweight backpacking, weight-reducing tips, gear that can be used for multiple purposes, general packing information, gear checklists, backcountry ethics, and much, much more.

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