About Lightweight Backpacking 101

On this site are articles about Lightweight Backpacking. If you are looking for help in purchasing the right gear, there are online stores that specialize in clothing and gear for Lightweight Backpacking.

There are numerous lightweight backpacking resources on the Internet. Many websites provide a great deal of detailed information for experienced lightweight and ultra-light backpackers. Some focus on ultralight backpacking, long distance hiking, or adventure racing. It is the intent of Lightweight Backpacking 101 to present easy to understand information on lightweight backpacking to inspire traditional backpackers to try reducing the amount of weight they carry.

The result is a lightweight backpacking website with information regarding general backpacking how-to, safety tips, and information on the backpacking gear and clothing that you might use in lightweight backpacking.

Whether you are new to the concept of lightweight backpacking, just thinking about getting started, or curious for information on lightweight backpacking, this website will offer some information and tips. Getting started in lightweight backpacking is rather simple. If your goal is just to replace your gear the process is quite straightforward. If you want to go further you will need to spend time examining your needs for a backpacking trip more carefully as you try to determine what you do and do not need.

Lightweight backpacking is a philosophy and method of backpacking. While you can simply exchange heavier items for lighter ones, that will only take you so far. Lightweight backpacking means more than simply replacing all your heavy gear with light gear. You need to seriously consider the worth of each item of gear and whether you can safely enjoy a trip by changing your style of backpacking. You will find that the process is on-going. The more you re-evaluate your gear and style of backpacking the more likely you are to find ways to reduce the weight that you pack on the trail.